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Your Guide to Reuzel Pomades

There are a ton of pomade brands out there, with Reuzel being our go-to. I could give ya a whole paragraph on why, but I'll keep it short for ya: their staple range is easy for us to get our hands on, they perform really well for the price and their coloured packaging means it's easy for you to remember what you bought, making it easy for us to sell you the right product when you run out. We carry five of their core range, and to save you a little time on your next visit, we thought we'd throw together a quick guide on what product does what for ya.

Reuzel Fiber is the product I reach for when I wanna little control in my hair, but don't want to break out the blow dryer and comb. It's rad if you want a messier, more natural look but want to be able to control it. I usually set in my side part, ruffle up the top with my fingers and call it a day. It's pliable so you can adjust it over the day.

Reuzel Medium Hold Grease is my go to for any style where I want plenty of control - think slick backs, comb overs, any traditional barber hair style. It's medium shine and hold, plus it doesn't 'set' in your hair, so you can restyle and touch up over the day.

Reuzel Extreme Hold does exactly what you'd expect. It's pretty versatile, giving you the option to go for a lighter, messier natural look or the ability to lock in a super clean slick back. It gives a matte finish, and will hold your hair in place all day, at the expense of being able to restyle it.

Reuzel Clay is perfect for high-volume hair styles, or natural textured styles where you want a little more control than what the Fiber has to offer. It doesn't weigh your hair down and goes great if you use a blow dryer, whilst also working as a solid medium hold matte pomade without one. Compared with Fiber, the Clay does set in your hair, meaning there's not much hope to restyle but hey, do it once and do it right, right?

Reuzel Blue is a high shine, strong hold pomade. Like the Grease, I use Blue exclusively for classic styles. Unlike green, Blue is water-based and has a stronger hold as well as high shine. It sets in your hair, meaning you can't restyle, but it also goes in lighter than green, meaning high-volume styles like pompadours are a little easier to wrangle.

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