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Winter Hair Stylin'

Now that winter’s here, it’s time to educate you on how to get the best out of your Reuzel products. Reuzel’s mix of water-based and oil-based products give you a variety of different looks and characteristics, but some stand up to the weather better than others. Here’s our advice on what products are best suited for the rainy season.

Reuzel Green & Pink

Being Reuzel’s two oil-based offerings, green and pink are both waterproof and will stand up to water if you have to venture outside on a wet day. Green is best for adding weight and retaining shape; think slick backs and comb overs, whilst pink offers a stronger hold which is better for styles where you want a little volume like a pompadour. Both products naturally offer a wet look, making them perfect for getting caught in the rain.

Reuzel White

White is Reuzel’s clay product and is water-resistant, making it ideal for the wet weather. With a dry look and a strong hold, white is perfect for pretty much any look. Unlike Reuzel’s other dry look products, clay sets in the hair and doesn’t offer as flexible of a hold, meaning it will stand up to the elements a little better, too.

All the above being said, the rest of Reuzel’s products will still get ya hair looking fantastic over the winter months especially if you don’t plan on battling the elements. If you get the feeling you might get caught out, or need to guarantee your hair remains under control, a little hairspray will go a long way with any of the products listed above or anything else from the Reuzel range.

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