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Shoot: Si & His Chevrolet Deluxe

I scouted a spot down the bottom of the city and thought it’d make a rad place for a photoshoot, especially if we could find a rad old car to use. Lucky for us, our buddy Si has a Chevrolet Deluxe and was happy to rise at an ungodly hour to cruise into the city. Things didn’t really go to plan. We got kicked out of our original spot – turns out Ports of Auckland don’t stoke on you blocking their driveway. We managed to snag a couple of shots but ended up making our way up to the City Works Depot carpark where we parked up and shot a bunch more.

Take a look over them why don’t ya, and if you’ve got a rad idea and/or car you think we’d like to take photos of, why don’t you let us know.

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