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It's How ya Wear it: Chas

We get stoked on working with you to create a cut that fits in with every aspect of your life, be it getting dressed up for work or just running down to the local for a few beers after work. A while back we wanted to showcase some of our favourites, so we roped in a couple of our regulars and sat 'em down in front of the camera for some photos. Take a look.

This is Chas, and he's a long-time friend of ours ('ours' referring to Cam and Red). We met in high school back when we used to do weekend-long Minecraft LAN parties with a bunch of our mates (when I say weekend long, I mean Friday night to Sunday of nothing but Minecraft). Nowadays, Chas is a diesel mechanic and works on his Skyline, whilst still of course enjoying a healthy dose of video games.

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