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Inspired: James Dean's Loose Pomp

Barber: Red

Photographer: Cam

It's safe to say we spend a lot of time blasting out the same, or super similar, cuts and sometimes it gets a little monotonous. It's important that we flex our creative muscles, and it's always rad to get to combine our love for barbering with other things in life.

Needing no introduction, James Dean was known for his messy, disheveled look and we wanted to recreate a hair cut that resembles his loose, rock 'n roll pomp.

Almost entirely scissor-cut, Red used a combination of point cutting on the sides with a tight nape taper to achieve the look we were after. The top was trimmed slightly, and point-cut again to get a more textured look to suit the loose, messy pomp we were after.

Can't have an inspired-by cut without an inspired-by photo, so we broke out the lights and camera to shoot a contrasty, black and white 50's inspired portrait to piece it all together. We used Reuzel Green to style the hair, and it's high-shine greasy finish captured the light perfectly, and tied the cut and image together perfectly.

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