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HOW TO: Beard Care

Looking after your beard. We get asked about it a ton, and fair enough I reckon. There’s a stupid number of products out there, so we keep it pretty simple and just carry beard balms, beard oils and a beard foam.

For the most part, warm water in the shower is plenty fine to take care of your beard. If you really need to, you can use some soap (natural obviously preferable), but otherwise, I wouldn’t worry too much about anything else.

It’s the aftercare that really makes a difference, and that’s where beard balms and oils come in.

Beard Oils

Beard oils carry all the good things your beard wants from life, and will keep it looking shiny, healthy and full. It also takes care of the skin underneath and helps keep it in tip-top shape. The benefit of a beard oil is that it’s easy to work in and get all the way down to the skin, and does a good job of getting all the way down to the skin, especially on shorter beards. To apply, start with 1-3 drops depending on beard size, and work through your beard. Fresh out the shower works best. Instore you’ll find Captain Fawcett’s range of beard oils.

Beard Balms

Beard balms do the exact same thing as oils, with the exception of being wax-based – usually feeling pretty similar to a pomade. The difference, beard balms offer some hold for styling. This makes it ideal for longer beards, or medium beards that have whack growth patterns like mine. There’s also talk that balms can be a little better for you if you’ve got especially dry skin, being that balms take longer to be absorbed than oils, meaning they spend more time nourishing. To apply, start with half-a-thumb-nail of balm, and work it into your beard making sure to get all the way down to the skin. Like the oil, the balm is most effective after a shower. We carry both Captain Fawcett and Reuzel beard balms in store.

Beard Foam

We carry Reuzel’s Beard Foam, which acts as a leave-in beard conditioner and helps with flaky or irritated skin, whilst looking after your beard. It goes in easier than a balm, and it’s easier to ensure you cover your entire beard all the way down to your skin than with an oil or balm. The beard foam doesn’t offer any hold, but it’s an ideal gateway into the world of beard care.

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