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Cut Throat Shaves at Red's

The cut throat razor has been a staple in barbershops since forever ago, and we are stoked whenever we get chance to break one out, whether it be for tidying the back of someone’s neck or for a full cut throat shave.

We opened in the wrong era to get to do cut throat shaves regularly, so when we do get to do a cut throat shave, we break out the facial steamer and make an experience of it. We follow a process with our cut throat shaves, so we thought we’d take some time to piece together what to expect if you visit us for a shave.

Hot Towel & Facial Steam

Before we start your shave, we’ll dress your face up with a hot towel and let you relax under a facial steamer for a little. Not only is it super relaxing, but it also softens your hairs and opens your pores. This makes it a ton easier for us to get a good shave, and lowers the chance of skin irritation and ingrown hairs.

Lather & Shave

After a couple of hot towels, we’ll apply some shave soap and start the shave. We’ll keep the steamer on to help keep your hair soft and the shave soap from drying out and give you the shave of a lifetime whilst you sit back and relax.

Cold Towel

Once the shave is all done, we’ll apply some aftershave and wrap your face in a cold towel. This closes all your pores and is prettttty nice after half an hour or so of steam and hot towels. After the cold towel wrap you’re all done!

If you haven’t had a cut throat shave before and wanna treat yourself, we’ve gotta tip that can help make your experience all the better. If possible, shave a couple of times in the week leading up to your cut throat with a regular razor. This gets your skin and hair used to shaving and means we can get a much closer shave without irritating your skin.

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