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Cut: Ben's Traditional Side Part

Another take on the classic side part. Ben's a regular and used to work at Refill Nation, actually. We had our first game tournament coming and wanted to get some photos to use to promo it, and Ben just so happened to be in need of a cut, so clearly the universe wanted it to be.

Red sorted Ben out with a classic side part with a 1-to-2 fade on the back and sides. A little extra weight was left around the crest line to create a masculine, square profile. The length on top gradually gets shorter towards the crown. Styled with Reuzel Blue, whilst his beard was looked after by Reuzel's Beard Balm.

This was a pretty fun one to shoot, too. A haircut is a haircut - once you've shot a couple you get a pretty good idea of what does and doesn't work, so it was nice to mix things up and try to tie the haircut and gaming elements together.

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