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It's How ya Wear it: Robin

We get stoked on working with you to create a cut that fits in with every aspect of your life, be it getting dressed up for work or just running down to the local for a few beers after work. A while back we wanted to showcase some of our favourites, so we roped in a couple of our regulars and sat 'em down in front of the camera for some photos. Take a look.

This is Robin, and when he's not recovering from a gnarly back surgery he's lugging around sound equipment for gigs, and playing in his own shows with is band Melanie. We stitch him up into all sorts, from skating for photos for our event Gnarly, to modelling for Red's clothing line that's soon to come. You'll catch him above wearing a classic, swept over side part. Dressed to go catch a gig on the left, dressed to impress on the right.

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